Tilt Wall

Benefits of Tilt Wall Construction

Tilt wall construction is now used on almost every type of building including:

  • Distribution centers
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Retail centers
  • Office buildings

There are many reasons that developers, designers, and contractors chose to use tilt walls in their projects.

  • Lower Cost
    • Less skilled labor
    • Fewer raw materials
    • More price stability in the materials required
    • Short construction cycle
    • Walls are load bearing so no need for perimeter supports and roof beams
  • Faster
    • Less labor
    • Construction can begin before design is fully complete
    • Trades start work sooner
  • Safer
    • Most work is on the ground so no scaffolding
    • Floor slab is a safe, stable work surface
  • More Durable
    • Concrete stands stronger and lasts longer
    • Structures withstand windstorms, hailstorms, earthquakes and hurricanes
    • Provide greater security against intruders
    • More fire resistant
  • Money Saver
    • Upon completion, less heat and AC required inside the building
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Less ongoing maintenance
  • More Design Choices
    • No limitation of scale
    • Unlimited choice of colors added to the concrete mix
    • Paints of any color and texture
    • Various textures added to the surface
    • Exposed aggregate surfaces
    • Types of painting can produce 3D effects on the surface
    • Circular or elliptical window openings
    • Curves on tops of walls

Successful Tilt Wall Construction Projects 

Lake Mary, FL

Total Yardage: 1,400

Scope: Foundations, slab, misc. CIP items, and tilt wall panels.

29,000 square feet slab and 30 tilt wall panels lifted.

United States

Schmid Construction

We have established ourselves as a preferred concrete subcontractor of Hobby Lobby with over 180 stores built throughout the US. The average footprint of a Hobby Lobby store is 55,000 square feet with an average of 45 tilt wall panels.